Baby Steps with Twitter Polls

When Twitter announced its new polling feature, there was much bemoaning from the web at large. Of course, that is how the Internet community reacts to most everything, but (shrug).

Once the functionality was rolled out to my Twitter account (the rolling nature of the release is something I applaud honestly. While I am sure it was mostly tied to a technical limitation, the slow appearance of polling across the folks I follow gave my mind time to get over the simple fact of a CHANGE invading a PLACE on the Internet, and instead focus on it as a feature), I wanted to accomplish a few things:

  1. See how the feature works as a pollee.
  2. See how the feature works as a poller.
  3. Think on what beneficial use case there is beyond basic humor / alternate interactions around personal banality on Twitter.


The AUX of WP: Rethinking the WordPress Writing Experience

Before I was a web professional, before all the project management, front-end coding, and CMS rejiggering, I was an English major. My BA is in writing and, as such, I tend to approach most things I do from the stance of an author.

That being said, the Author User Experience (AUX) of WordPress has been on my mind for a while now. To me, regardless of use, WordPress is about sharing content: articles, images, audio, video. Specifically, WordPress is all about words. It’s right in the name and everything! Continue…