What Is a CDN? A Simple Visual Explanation

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is becoming more and more commonplace in hosting plan offerings and a must for an business site. By hosting web content on servers that are spread across the globe, you can deliver content to any user faster by targeting servers that are relatively more local to them.

But if you’re like me, you are not overly technical; you get the concept of a CDN in theory, but do you GET IT get it? Here’s my nontechnical take on what a CDN is and why it’s a true benefit for any website.


Baby Steps with Twitter Polls

When Twitter announced its new polling feature, there was much bemoaning from the web at large. Of course, that is how the Internet community reacts to most everything, but (shrug).

Once the functionality was rolled out to my Twitter account (the rolling nature of the release is something I applaud honestly. While I am sure it was mostly tied to a technical limitation, the slow appearance of polling across the folks I follow gave my mind time to get over the simple fact of a CHANGE invading a PLACE on the Internet, and instead focus on it as a feature), I wanted to accomplish a few things:

  1. See how the feature works as a pollee.
  2. See how the feature works as a poller.
  3. Think on what beneficial use case there is beyond basic humor / alternate interactions around personal banality on Twitter.


How to Estimate a Project

Let’s say you’ve just been given a project, and it’s a big’un. You can safely assume this will be dozens and dozens of hours, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands. And you, as a project manager, are being asked to provide a timeline, a deadline, and a budget for the work.

Time for some prognostication, right? Wrong. Nostradamus was not a project manager, so don’t look to fortune tellers and prophecy-fronting oracles to provide professional mentorship. Rather, you need to base your work on reliable actuals, and you get those by estimation.