Interrogative Project Management: A Four-Sonnet Sequence on Task-level Discovery

Project management requires much asking
Of clients and coders for more info
So that a PM can get to tasking
in Basecamp, JIRA, or maybe Trello.

But before productive action can start
five basic questions need some addressing.
These W queries allow the heart
of a project to beat without stressing.

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Effectively Managing a Task Queue in Basecamp

Not every project I manage is a start-to-finish standalone endeavor. Some are ongoing support agreements in which my team provides engineering and consulting for our clients. These can range from long-term planned work to one-off short-term requests. But, regardless of the type of work, I instill the same workflow to keep things moving along appropriately throughout the life of the request.

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How to Estimate a Project

Let’s say you’ve just been given a project, and it’s a big’un. You can safely assume this will be dozens and dozens of hours, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands. And you, as a project manager, are being asked to provide a timeline, a deadline, and a budget for the work.

Time for some prognostication, right? Wrong. Nostradamus was not a project manager, so don’t look to fortune tellers and prophecy-fronting oracles to provide professional mentorship. Rather, you need to base your work on reliable actuals, and you get those by estimation.

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