About White Whale Blueprint

Projects can be scary. Projects can be huge. They can loom over you like a tidal wave, or hide their menace beneath the visible surface. They can burn you, maim you, and kick you around. Sometimes, projects swallow you whole.

But projects can be conquered. They can be managed. But can they be mastered?

My name is John Ragozzine and I am a Senior Project Manager at Alley Interactive, a WordPress-centric web agency providing web consulting and engineering to online publishers. In my work, I am asked to manage projects of all sizes—from four-hour engineering tasks to full-blown new website builds. And I use the same techniques for anything along the spectrum. Whether you want to snag a guppy or harpoon a whale, you need the same tools in your tackle box, albeit in varying amounts and sizes.

What I hope to do here is talk about the structure and planning you can do to turn any white whale, any ferocious beast, into something you can hoist above your head in triumph. And like the literary white whale, projects will always surprise you and can be as challenging the first time around and the fiftieth.

The goal is not to assume you know every project from start to finish and will always be 100% able to handle without effort. Rather, by using the same techniques over and over, you can take the risk, the unexpected, and the panicked alarm out of any project.

Work is always work, but it doesn’t have to drag you underwater.